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Best chocolate chip cookies around but too expensive
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Famous Amos has been around for many years and I believe I can say that it has one of the best chocolate chip cookies around. Every time I pass by their outlets, I smell the cookies and get tempted to look but I stay away because of the price. Even the smallest packet is considered expensive.

My favourite flavour is the chocolate chip with macadamia and recently I have also tried the butterscotch chip with pecan. Both are delicious, sweet and crunchy with lots of melted chocolate chips that is oh-so-good. The cookies are always fresh and the standard has never dropped.

After eating one, you would want a second piece and one packet is never enough. I can just eat this the whole day. Of course, it is heaty and might cause a sore throat easily. I do not really buy this as the price does not substantiate the amount. However, I sometimes get the ready made and sealed packets at the supermarket which is not as good but is a cheaper alternative to satisfy my cravings.

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Chocolate chip with macadamia
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