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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1695
free smells!
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My all-time favorite cookies. If you haven't tried Famous Amos, you will never get famous. Kidding! But really, try it! You won't regret it. The smell is already promising enough. Your nose will not lie.
I often get their cookies almost every single time I walk past the store. I blame the free smell and my weak resistance towards temptations. I get the smallest pack (100g) though, since their cookies aren't exactly cheap or average priced. Its quite expensive for 100g of cookies but I must say that the price is worth it! I enjoy every single bite of it and I get disappointed when I finish my last cookie.

My favorite would be the white chocolate macadamia cookie and the original chocolate chip cookie. Prices vary a little across the different varieties but nothing too wide. If you are craving for a muffin, Famous Amos sells them too. I haven't tried the muffins but it looks very chocolatey to me, I hope it isn't brown coloring though. It looks so delish and promising. If you are looking for something to give to your loved ones, specially packaged cookies are also available for sale. Customized cookies (you can replace the traditional birthday cake with a huge cookie!) are also available! Just be sure to order in advance.

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