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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1283
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Famous Amos cookies are, as the name suggests, famous; famous for its delectable taste, rich chocolate scent, as well as its relatively high price. The cookies are crunchier than other cookies, relatively hard, but nevertheless delicious. Their double chocolate chip is a must-try for chocolate lovers, because they are generous with the chocolates. The chocolate with macadamia nuts is a perfect mix between the chocolates and nuts, making the taste of the cookie more balanced and not as inclined towards the sweet side.

If you have seen the packet of cookies sold in snack shops or supermarkets, the taste of the freshly baked cookies are very different from the packed ones. The cookies are best eaten fresh, even if they are not warm. It is as if freshness itself is a taste that we are able to feel. The packed ones do not taste as nice, but that is probably the reason why it is much more affordable.

As you might have seen, the price of 100g ranges from about $6-8, which is considered to be relatively expensive for that amount. However, as an occasional indulgence, it is definitely worth the price. Be prepared to spend more, as it is hard to stop yourself from wanting more!
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