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Snacks & Confectionery E equina March 05, 2013 447
Mouth-Watering Temptations
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Ahhh.. The Empire which stood alone in the beginning but was soon joined by another, Candylicious. Candy Empire is popular for their huge range of chocolates, candies, lollies and everything that can put someone in a sugar comatose if addicted. The store also offers confectioneries imported from all around the world, making it easier for locals to have a taste test without the need to travel overseas.

I do find that some of the confectioneries available are not very wallet-friendly, especially those imported ones, but I suppose that's the price I'd rather pay instead of the price of a flight ticket to that particular country. Another good word of advice is to stay away from the chocolates and candies which are priced based upon the total weight you collected. If you are anything like me and have no will power to stop, you will probably end up having to spend over $10 for a mere 250 grams worth of mouth-watering temptations.

I definitely recommend popping into Candy Empire if you ever feel the need to feel like a kid in a candy store.
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