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Snacks & Confectionery E equina March 05, 2013 564
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Candy Empire truly lives up to its name. I love how the atmosphere of the store is cheerful and bubbly and is stocked with so many different kinds of candies and sweets and chocolates that there is bound to be something that you like. You can choose from pre-packed imported sweets, branded chocolates or even DIY by shovelling whatever amount of candy/chocolates you want into a bag. Even with being such a great to-go store for candy, their prices are still affordable, which makes them an excellent place to shop for friends or family members who have a sweet tooth.

When I visited the outlet at Vivo City, the staff there were pleasant and friendly and even gave me recommendations and ideas as to what particular type of candy I should get. However, one grievance that I have is that on weekends, it can get quite crowded and swarmed with little children bustling about the store and pestering their mothers to get them all shapes and sizes of candies. The crowd makes shopping slightly more uncomfortable but if you already know what you want, then it should not really pose much of a problem. I suppose you could try shopping earlier in the day or even on weekdays if you really dislike crowds like I do.

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