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Snacks & Confectionery E equina March 05, 2013 632
Paradise for those with a sweet tooth!
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Candy Empire is not just a store. It’s heaven for those who have a sweet tooth, and yes, that includes me. I loooove candy, and my weakness is jellybeans. They’re like happy pills, and they never fail to brighten my day. Unfortunately, they can be pretty hard to find, so I usually get my fix from Candy Empire.

This store has an insane amount of candy, and the best thing is you’ll always find something new to try. Its wide variety of imported sweets never fails to amaze me, and I always find myself lost among the aisles of sugary goodness. Of course, I always get stuck at the jellybean section, but you can hardly blame me, because their selection is huge!

The only down side about a premium candy store is the price. The sweets here are definitely a lot pricier than those that can be found at supermarkets. But then again, they are so hard to come by, so I think the price is justified if it’s an occasional treat. I try to limit myself to buying 3 types of candy each time, so it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket!

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