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International goodies!
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Mention "Candy Empire" and you will hear squeals of excitement. Candy Empire has fabulous in-store visual merchandising. Once you walk into it, it's as if you are in candy land. They sell a wide range of goodies from chocolates to gummy to biscuits to chips, pretzels, liqeuer chocolates, jam puffs and basically anything sweet you can think of!

They have high-end brands to lower end self-pick individually packaged bite-sized gummies and goodies sold in dozens. The idea of mix and match-ing with your friends gives a very unique experience as you pick a particular product up & tell stories about it, dumping it into your basket and soon enough, your basket piles. At least, for me, that is. People have unlimited wants and they wouldn't mind paying for it because it isn't a necessity, you don't have to think twice if you need it or not, you want it means it's going straight into the basket! The whole concept of small packaging also gives an idea of "cheap" and better value as you can get to eat many of your different goodies with one price.

My favourite part about Candy Empire is that they import goodies from all over the world! I can guarantee you they carry any and any (western) famous product whether is it from Australia or America or Europe! My favourite buys are Rocky Road (Australia), pretzels, waffle biscuits (France), tons of chocolate (I'm trying new brands everyday) and recently I spotted my favourite Grain Waves chips!!! Hooray! No more begging from friends to buy them everytime they travel :)

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March 07, 2013
"My favourite part about Candy Empire is that they import goodies from all over the world! " I can find anything at candy empire! Makes it so hard to resist buying candy from them.
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