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Snacks & Confectionery J juzsimplicity May 27, 2012 651
Not to be recommended
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After trying out the pretzels from the franchise in JB, I was very shocked at the standard here in Singapore.There was so much difference than the one there. The kiosk(Suntec City Mall) was dimly litted, and people who walked past the area would have though that it was closed if there weren't any attendant there.

I'm not too sure of the standard at the other available kiosk, but the one that I had visited gave us cold pretzels and the service was slow too, seeing how we had to wait almost 15 minutes when there's only one other person in front of us.

However, as a patron to the JB franchise, I would recommend you the cinnamon sugar or the almond chocolate, that is if they're hot, cause eating cold pretzels are like eating tough one day old chicken - not at all great!

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Suntec City Mall
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