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Other Dessert C celeste-tan January 09, 2016 248
Instant ice-cream in a bowl
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I’ve gotten haters for comparing bingsu with our local shaved ice desserts, so… I’d reserve my comment. With my rating, you’d probably get what my stand is on bingsu though! This Korean dessert had been plastered all over my Instagram feed, and the snaps of friends attempting to pour condensed milk over their dessert, and failing, made me want to try it out for my own.

Although messy to pour, the condensed milk is the savior of this dessert - without it, bingsu tasted like dehydrated ice flakes. With it, though, I’d describe it as instant ice-cream. Word of advice: knock down the bingsu a little, then pour the condensed milk into the moat around the middle and mix it around. What follows is heaven.

The only downside would be that it’s quite expensive. But if I could afford it, I’d come here for dessert every time I’m in town!
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