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Local Dessert R rockinruth February 09, 2013 470
The past is a distant
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Rochor beancurd was a household name more than a decade back with queues snaking at every single one of its branches when the night falls. No Singaporean can resist a bowl of (piping hot or stone-cold) tau huey for supper. I remember seeing people park their cars illegally just so that they can join the queue for that one bowl of white and decadent goodness.

Business is not the same anymore and I wondered why. When I was in the area, I sought out one of my go-to food for breakfast and gave it a chance to remind me of sweet childhood. The once divine experience I had with it was shattered. It does not taste a single bit like it used to. The beancurd tasted as though it was packaged a day before I arrived. It was bland and hard. What used to be its signature sugar syrup now was watered down into a flavourless foamy liquid surrounding the beancurd. The fragrance of melted brown sugar was missing and there was close to no difference in the current syrup as compared to those found in canned fruits.

I was upset at how much standards had dropped and now, it just tastes like any other beancurd out there in the hawker centres - pre-packaged, plain, and boring.

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