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Local Dessert R rockinruth February 09, 2013 470
Dirty, bad service smelly
(Updated: February 28, 2013)
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TIP: Go to the beancurd shop right beside this one. Everything is better.

Rochor Tao Huey is always filled with people at night, long snaking queue during weekends and you wonder why the shop next to it is not as crowded. I think the main reason being it does not look like the original deal and people are after authenticity.

Expect rather decent beancurd from rochor, but be prepared, to be screamed, shouted at with floor washing water splashed at your feet. The place is also seriously dirty, with cockroaches running wild and when it's closing time, they make it known to you by splashing water everywhere while you are still eating. They are doing you a favour by providing you with their delicious tao huey ok?

This is why i always go to er yi min, which is always less crowded and right beside Rochor Beancurd. Surprisingly, everything taste better. The tao huey here is smoother, the fried stuff accompanying the tao huey is also crispier and more often than not freshly out of the oven. The floors, the toilets are cleaner, the people, 100 times friendlier. In fact, i only visit rochor tao huey if er yi min is closed.

So why is Er yi min better? The stall claims that it has the original recipe. In fact, this tao huey business has tore the entire family apart. 4 brothers all opened their own shops in various parts of Singapore. Er yi min is run by 3rd sister in the family and used to be owned by one of the brothers that runs the original rochor tao huey. So it is a very complicated story, but what you must know, they all come from the same family and clearly Er yi min is doing everything that rochor tao huey cannot provide, good service, good food and cleanliness.

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