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Local Dessert D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1704
Tao huey that melts in your mouth!
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Lao Ban tau huey has certainly created an uproar recently, with the crazy long queues during peak hours just for some bowls of that smooth goodness. I am one of its avid fans too! When I first heard from my friend that she queued 45 minutes for Lao Ban tau huey, I thought she was out of her mind. But when I first tasted it, I could totally understand why!

Lao Ban tau huey is made up of super smooth tau huey, not like those you can find in Rochor or normal hawker centres. It is so smooth that when you shake it, the whole tau huey wobbles but will not be smashed into pieces. Very sweet and has a custard feel to it, it is no wonder why most people love it! It simply melts in your mouth. Lao Ban tau huey has became my favourite kind of tau huey since then, no more Rochor for me!

Since Lao Ban tau huey gains more popularity, its competition increases as well. Many tau huey stalls sprung up recently, selling the same type of tau huey. However, Lao Ban is still the most authentic one though! Do expect long queues for their goodness, especially at Old Airport Road hawker centre, where people can buy up to 10 boxes of tau huey, no kidding!
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