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Local Dessert D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1707
Is that Tau Huey that I'm slurping on?
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Gone were the times where watery beancurd like Rochor beancurd used to be the only type of soybean around. Sure enough, tau huey foodchains like Rochor beancurd have not lost their popularity and originality, but they abruptly gained a competitor in this market.

Lao Ban tau huey offers a type of beancurd totally different from the previous ones that we used to indulge in. The texture is rubbery, and to some, like me, would think that the top layer is too mechanised or chemicalised such that I would not enjoy after the first mouthful.
But to some others, this different feeling after the first gulp actually does give a refreshing taste that makes him or her crave for more.

Upon the opening this store at Old Kallang Airport hawker centre, inevitable competitions arose in the same hawker centre, with a few other stalls selling the same kind of tau huey, but none could actually match up to this first ever created "rubbery" beancurd. Given their authenticity and success, it has thus opened a few other outlets such as the one at Tanjong Pagar Maxwell Food Centre.

To ensure that you get your share before it quickly gets sold out, it would be advised to ask someone to queue for you during the non-peak hours, if not one can only say bye bye to this unique tau huey.
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