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Local Dessert D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1706
sick of it after awhile
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Lao Ban beancurd has made its name in Singapore to be one of the best “pudding” taohuey around Singapore. I remember the craze a few years back, Singaporeans would go crazy over it. Many people would head to its first store at Old Airport Road specially to buy packets of them despite the long queue.

Shortly after, Lao Ban opened franchises around Singapore which made it easier for customers of Lao Ban living far away from Old Airport Road. However, the hype died down and there were many similar businesses opening. Personally, I feel that Lao Ban is slightly too sweet for my liking and it’s a pity there’s no way to change it.

Although Lao Ban may appeal to the majority due to it’s melt-in-your-mouth texture, I prefer the original beancurd as compared to Lao Ban. Lao Ban is relatively pricier too, which I feel is not very worth it.
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