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Local Dessert D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1707
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Yes, Lao Ban is the smooth and delicate tau huey currently found almost everywhere in Singapore due to its popularity years ago. People often tell me that the bean curd pudding "melts in your mouth" and it tastes way better than the traditional bean curd because it is sweet.

True enough, this bowl of cold soya bean curd is refreshing because it is a new product in the market. Thus, there are many hawkers jumping onto this money-making bandwagon. Now we can hardly find hawkers selling the traditional bean curd. What I dislike about Lao Ban is that there is a lack of soya-bean taste, and it feels as if I'm consuming soya bean flavoured sugar syrup.

As quoted by ieatishootipost, "Now why am I paying $1.80 for a tub of processed chemicals and only $1 for an artisanal Tau Huay which takes years to master?"

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