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Local Dessert D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1704
Great for a hot day!
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Lao Ban's soya beancurd is truly a delight. During my lower secondary days, my friends and I would pop by the outlet at Old Airport Road's food centre and dig in while talking about anything under the sun. It really is refreshing to eat after a long day, what with the weather in Singapore always clawing at your neck. I instantly forget about the beads of perspiration soaking my shirt and running down my neck once I have a bite of Lao Ban's soya beancurd.

I think Lao ban's soya beancurd has just the right amount of sweetness without it overpowering the soya taste and seeming artificial. Also, its silky texture gives a really pleasant sensation as it slides down your tongue, yet in its jelly-like state it is still chewable.

Their other flavours are nice but the original, to me, is still the best.
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