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Local Dessert D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1706
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Lao Ban has long taken the whole island by storm over this new type of soya beancurd these recent years, especially when it first started. Recently when it opens in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio, I decided to give it a try, thanks to all the craze over it. It isn't anything like the traditional counterpart; it is so smooth that it melts in your mouth and there's this touch of creaminess to the soya taste which complements with the texture. However, it can get a tad too sweet. When it is chilled, the taste is quite good, I mean,the cooling and melt in your mouth texture taste quite heavenly when the weather is hot or when you are a little frustrated. Coupled with the sweetness, it makes a good choice of dessert.

It is quite pricey as compared to the traditional soya beancurd. Maybe I'm used to the traditional one, I prefer the texture and taste of it compared to Lao Ban on a daily basis (for breakfast). I wouldn't say that I like Lao Ban soya beancurd a lot, but I would say it is not bad for once in a while indulgence.
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