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Affordable comfort food!
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What can be better than a bowl of dessert to end off your meal? Dessert Story is one of my few favourite places for satisfying my sweet tooth. I’m not that big on sweet stuff actually but occasionally I do have a craving and when I do, I’m picky. I eat only a few kinds and Dessert Story has almost all that desserts that I like!

There’s Mango Sago with Pomelo which is very popular. I tried a new flavor last week and it is now my new favourite! It’s the Egg Pudding with Ginger! Another one of my few choices is the white fungus with longan.

The Mango Sago is a bit too thick for my liking. I’ve tried way better mango sago before and the price is only slightly higher than Dessert Story’s. But it’s still decent and besides, it’s convenient too as there are many outlets around the island!

Egg Pudding with Ginger is available both hot and cold and both are equally good! It’s extremely smooth and soft and it simply melted in my mouth. The ginger taste is just right, not too bland and not overpowering too. The egg and ginger go well together and it’s really yummy!

The white fungus with longan is average. They put in a lot of ingredients though. The soup can be improved by making it less thick. But it’s still okay because it’s not expensive.

Dessert Story would be a nice place to have a chat over some yummy desserts but it’s usually cramped and very noisy.

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