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I think Dessert Story’s black sesame paste is just heavenly. Not too thick, not too sweet and not too diluted either. When I took the first scoop, I was really quite impressed with its quality; it has the authentic taste of black sesame and its strong taste just overwhelms your senses for a few moments – no exaggeration there! Plus, it is served fresh from the pot! In addition, just for the price of about $3-4, I think it is a pretty good deal.

I think Dessert Story is good for a visit when you are out with your friends, and you face that confusing moment when you feel a little hungry yet have not worked up the appetite for a proper meal; and you just want to sit down and cool down after a few hours of tiring yourself out.
Ingredients for the various dishes are more or less pre cooked, so the waiting time is only about a few minutes; pretty fast!

Nevertheless, personally, I still prefer Honeymoon Dessert. Their desserts just have that extra ‘oomph’ factor – fresh, soft and sweet fruits, an abundance of juice, and solid flavours. Dessert Story, however, is slightly cheaper than Honeymoon Dessert; comparatively, differs with a few dollars on the average.

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