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Local Dessert A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 686
Interesting and tasty shaved ice flavours!
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Dessert Story - The name pretty much tells you what they specialize at! They sell Chinese desserts such as milk pudding and tangyuan. They also sell food like zhu chang fen. The highlight of this dessert place for me, though, would be their shaved ice.

Dessert Story has quite a few unique shaved ice flavours, such as champagne grape and Milo. Each flavour comes with a topping, such as nata de coco or Milo powder. You can mix and match flavours to different toppings, although I am quite sure the cashier will be giving you weird stares if you were to ask for strawberry shaved ice with Milo powder, haha.

And it is all affordable!

My favourite shaved ice flavour is Milo, because I am an avid Milo fan. It is really cool how the shaved ice tastes like Milo after you freeze it, and it melts in your mouth so it does kind of feel like you are drinking iced Milo too! The Milo powder and condensed milk topping reminds me of the beverage Milo Dinosaur. It is just so yummy and full of flavour, and so unique because I don't think you will find anywhere else that sells shaved ice of such a flavour. Mmmm, delicious! Milo lovers MUST try this!!

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Milo Shaved Ice
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Hougang Mall
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