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does not serve the best desserts around, but a good substitute
(Updated: May 22, 2012)
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Providing a wide range of cold and hot desserts and snacks, Dessert Story is a great place to enjoy refreshing desserts after a hard day at school or work.

For me, I like the milk pudding and water chestnut with egg. The milk pudding is soft and does not have a strong smell or taste of milk. The mild hint of milk in the pudding makes it a platable dessert. As for the water chestnut with egg, a choice of having it either hot or cold is provided. The cold one is preferred, especially with the hot weather in Singapore. I like the combination of crunchy water chestnut and burst of tasty sweet corn together with smooth and slightly starchy sweet soup.

Dessert Story also serves light oriental snacks like chee cheong fun and carrot cake. They are not worth purchasing though, as the taste is stale and merely heated from a packet of frozen products and served to consumers.

The prices of the desserts and snacks are a little expensive for the quality. Although Dessert Story does not the best desserts around, it serves as a good subsitute for any dessert cravings. The service crew is generally made up of matured ladies who are good-natured and cheerful.

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Hougang Mall
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