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Local Dessert A averlynn-lim November 30, 2012 738
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I've heard a lot about Blackball. I believed it was just another hyped up craze about grass jelly. (Remember the craze about bubble tea, donuts and yogurts?) However, it tempted me to jump into the bandwagon because I am a huge fan of grass jelly. So I thought why not let the grass jelly expert decide on the verdict?

I got myself a warm BlackBall signature dessert which is a combination of smooth melted grass jelly with Yam Q, Golden Sweet Potato, yam balls, sweet potato balls, red bean and pearls. As raved, the yam balls and sweet potato balls are soft and bouncy. I never knew that these ingredients compliment well with the smooth grass jelly and chewy pearls. It is really delicious and the red beans made the dessert even creamier.

I guess you have to try it to know how good it is!
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