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Local Dessert K kuchiki March 03, 2013 177
Refreshing take on Soymilks
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I am always in the search for the best soy milk and on a constant lookout for shops specialising in soy. My face brightened when I saw AmaSoy. The shop had a unique look that made it stand out from the popular soy-selling shops (Jollibean, Mr. Bean). I had high expectations for the soymilk it sells.

Sadly, it failed to meet my expectations. The soymilk was priced premiumly at $2 and didn't taste at all premium. I do have to give it points for originality though, the soymilk had a one-of-a-kind taste that was sadly too milky for my liking.

But I would still recommend Amasoy to my friends. Its refreshing take on soymilks is worth a try and will definitely appeal to some.

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