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Ice Cream P poppy April 22, 2012 776
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I love the quirky name of this ice-cream parlour! If I could have their ice-cream delivered to me each day, newsboy-style, I would wholeheartedly give this place a 10/5. But one can only dream - I guess I’ll just stick to visiting their outlet near Chong Pang for now.

Hazelnut Haven is the entire reason why I love The Daily Scoop so much, so much so that I always make it a point to grab a takeaway pint whenever I drop by. There’s not much to complain about their ice-cream flavours or food items, although their waffles may be a tad too crispy, and could be better with a bit more fluffiness inside. Otherwise, flavours worth trying would be their Mao Shan Wang (if you’re a durian lover) and Kookie Monster.

With a little bit of Googling, I’ve found out that The Daily Scoop actually offers ice-cream delivery, with free delivery being available every Thursday! Now that I’m one step closer to my dream, let me just find a sponsor...
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