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Ice Cream D david-tan December 21, 2012 347
A less guilty pleasure
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I've always loved ice cream, but because I don't want to add unnecessary inches to my waistline, I've had to limit myself, and only eat it on special occasions. One day, I saw an advertisement for Sugalight, oddly, in a Vet Centre. I was bringing my dog in for a check-up, and while waiting, chanced upon the poster and became immediately interested.

Following the visit to the vet, I brought my dog home and went to Sugalight. I was amazed at the array of flavours, including some local favourites like the Pulut Hitam one. I am a fan of green tea, and so I definitely had to try to Matcha Green Tea flavour. I also tried to Bailey's Irish Cream because Bailey's ice cream always hits me in the right places. I was pleasantly surprised to find the ice cream tasting normal, despite there being less calories in my cup. It was a great experience and I'll definitely go back to try other flavours next time.
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