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Ice Cream J jeremy October 24, 2012 151
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Tucked away in a quiet, poorly frequented corner of the building adjacent to United Square is an ice cream place that sells potentially the *best* mint ice cream I have ever tasted (that is, if the quality hasn't dropped). It was absolutely, incredibly heavenly, and I was so tempted to know how they made their mint ice cream. Not even some of my favourite ice cream chains that sell excellent mint ice cream come close to beat theirs.

They use real mint leaves (and lots of it) to make their mint ice cream, which was actually more like a sorbet, if memory serves me well. The leaves were crushed into tiny bits and gave the ice cream an aesthetically pleasing appearance. And yet the strange thing is, I did not detect a single hint of the unpleasant raw, leafy taste I was expecting when I first laid eyes on the ice cream. Instead, the result of using real mint leaves was a super refreshing effect on the palate that just keeps you wanting more. The sweetness was just right too.

Okay, but I have to realise that not every one is a fan of eating toothpaste, so I shall remark on what else I have tried besides their heavenly mint ice cream. The other ice cream flavours were awesome too; I tried rum and raisin, lychee, chocolate, and some citrus. They were all good. Their waffles too are one of the best I've ever had, though they take almost forever to serve them. But I guess they were ultimately worth the wait. The waffles were crispy and satisfying, and mop up the ice cream really well. Nothing beats warm, crisp waffles and great ice cream. :)

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