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Ice Cream Y yip-jia-qi January 07, 2016 197
Love coconut? You’ve got to try this
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Looking for something refreshing on a weary afternoon Orchard shopping trip? Pong’s the answer for you. I’ve been to Pong for my coconut fix at least five times, and that’s definitely something given the slew of ice cream parlours offering Thai-style coconut ice cream.

With gelato scooped into a young Thai coconut and perched on a tiny cup of coconut water, this set-up is bound to already catch some eyes. The gelato on its own is already great. You can choose from a number of gelato flavours and toppings; but for a truly refreshing, authentic Thai coconut experience, I’d say go with coconut flavour. My favourite toppings are nata de coco and aloe vera, both of which go well with the clear coconut water. Don’t forget to also scrape out every last bit of that juicy coconut flesh. It may be hard to do with the flimsy plastic spoons the store provides, but the fresh, supple texture of the coconut flesh itself makes the effort well worth it.

With the sun only bound to get more merciless, Pong is a definite treat at the end of a sunny afternoon. At $5.50, I’d say it’s pretty worth your money. The store’s seats are also never really filled, so use this opportunity to settle down, kick back, and enjoy a piece of Thailand’s most refreshing in the heart of Singapore.

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