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Ice Cream Y yip-jia-qi January 07, 2016 193
The King of Thailand Coconut Ice Cream in Singapore
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2015 saw more and more Thai-style coconut ice-cream parlours popping up around island. This is the kind where they serve coconut ice cream in a coconut, the authentic chatuchak way. I’ve tried quite a number of them, and Pong is the champion.

The highlight of this dessert is the coconut ice cream and Pong absolutely aces it. The gelato has a thick and creamy consistency, with each spoonful it leaves behind a delicate mouthfeel that lingers on your tongue.

While their mango gelato is great, the coconut flavor is still the star of the show. The coconut they serve it in, can be a hit-or-miss, but with Pong I always got tender and juicy coconut flesh. Most of the time you can scrape the leftover coconut from the shell with just their little plastic icecream spoon. That’s the litmus test for the perfect coconut.
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