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Ice Cream Y yip-jia-qi January 07, 2016 197
Taste of Thailand in Singapore
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With the sudden rave about Pong, I assumed that it was some new café selling coconut ice cream. To my surprise, it was a small stall at SCAPE, somewhat like yoguru. I got the recommended $5.50 for two scoops of coconut ice cream and three toppings – aloe vera, nata de coco and grass jelly.

The coconut flavour hit me hard. It was quite concentrated and strong, but not to the point where it is artificial. The rich taste of coconut sets it apart from other ordinary coconut ice cream. I really liked the combination of nata de coco and coconut, but wasn’t a fan of the grass jelly. It created conflicting tastes with the coconut that I didn’t enjoy. If not for the price, I wouldn’t mind a second serving of the coconut ice cream. All I could think of was the 50 Baht ($2) coconut ice cream they sell in Thailand.

The $5.50 covers a cup of coconut water that has a one-time refill if you upload a photo of Pong and tag their Instagram account. I definitely got my refill.
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