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Ice Cream Y yip-jia-qi January 07, 2016 229
Chatuchak in a Coconut
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Craving a little something from Chatuchak while in Singapore? Well, then this Thai-style, coconut gelato may be what you are looking for.

Located conveniently in town at *SCAPE, Pong offers the conventional gelato in a husk, perched on top of a cup of coconut water, with a choice of 3 toppings. I chose the azuki red bean, nata de coco, and cornflakes, which my server, sadly, seemed to scrimp on. It could be due to the too-small size of the coconut husk though - the limits of the size of your serving really relies on which coconut husk is bestowed unto you. The gelato was smooth, but the sweetness a little overbearing.

My verdict - quite overrated. I compare this $5.50 dessert with a 3.00RM coconut ice-cream in a husk I had gotten at a random hawker stall in Penang, and I see no drastic difference. I haven’t had coconut gelato from Thailand though, so I wouldn’t know if it’s comparable.
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