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Ice Cream A alleys-scavenger April 20, 2012 447
Oi shi!!!
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As you strut down the streets of Clarke Quay approaching Riverside Point, your eyes would beg for a second glance at the gelato ice-cream shack- Haato &co!

With unique cones that have a square-shaped base, you’ll be spoilt for choice to choose what ice-cream to fill it with! If you’re looking for that extra edge in your chocolate flavor, you will do well to choose chocolate mint! Besides giving a rich chocolate taste, the mint-flavor will make its presence felt across your whole tongue, giving that refreshing feeling. Otherwise, you could try the all-time favorite cookies and cream, where it gives you the chance to nibble at your chocolate bits while enjoying the sweetness of the ice cream.

The pricing was really fair and understandable. A single cone with one scoop would cost $4.50. But simply top up a dollar and you get to add one more scoop with another flavor! Portions served were just right- it would look like you are carrying a mini torch with the total height of the ice cream piled on top of one another! Totally worth that epic camera shot.

Besides ice cream, they do have waffles- banana chocolate or strawberry flavored, for a reasonable $8.50 each. Scrumptious and reasonably-priced, this Japanese ice-cream brand deserves a good visit!

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