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Gelato Cottage
Ice Cream J joshua-goh November 29, 2013 625
Approachable Owner, Lovely homemade icecream
(Updated: November 29, 2013)
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Ever since I met Gelato Cottage's owner for the first time at a bazaar in SMU, she never forgot my name. Sharon, the owner, is a motherly and warm lady who makes wonderful tasting homemade ice cream and sells it in her cosy little cafe in the basement level of Pomo. She takes time to talk to her customers and once even sat down with me to share her dreams and aspirations for GC. Needless to say, I was impressed as a young undergraduate who knew nothing about entrepreneurship.

GC's homemade icecream makes me feel like if my mother ever knew how to make icecream, it would taste something like that. My favourite flavours are Baileys Cream and Rocky Biscottino. The Bel-Going-Banana's, which is GC's variation of the banana split, consist of sliced bananas with 3 choice scoop of icecream and topped with a drizzle of hot chocolate syrup and nuts. At $10,80, it can be shared between 2 to 3 people and is in my opinion the most value for money. GC is also a quiet place to chill out with friends after a long day.

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Bailey's, Caramel Tiramisu, Rocky Biscottino
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