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Ice Cream F faye February 26, 2012 2122
Awfully Disappointing
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Almost everyone I know is mad over Awfully Chocolate’s Chocolate Cake. The thick, creamy, outer layer of chocolate always tempts me to splurge $34 on the whole cakes I see when I pass by.

I decided to have it for my birthday one day, and boy, was I ecstatic. I took the trouble to even snap an aesthetic photo of a slice for the Instagram. But when I finally dug in, I subconsciously voiced my first thought: “What.” If a single word could encapsulate how I felt about the chocolate cake, it would be exactly that - what - as in, what’s the big deal? The cake was slightly bitter, spongy and soft yes, but it wasn’t especially heavenly to warrant this big a craze. I felt as if they skimped on the chocolate cream within the cake - I could barely taste its texture.

Tasteless, is how I could describe it, and in no way is it awfully chocolate-y. Give me a chocolate cake from Four Leaves any day instead.

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