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Source: 21 CUB Artisan Ice Cream Facebook page
Ice Cream Y yip-jia-qi January 10, 2016 167
Rolls on the CUBE
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These unique ice cream rolls come straight from Thailand. Which is kinda ironic that they are called 21 CUBE. They may look like a thin and fluffy piece of pastry but they actually do have some heft. They are like a budget version of Coldstone as they let you choose your own ingredients to mix into your ice cream.

The ice cream itself does not stand out as much as its presentation. It was also a little too sweet. The portions were generous though. Even though the rolls look light, the whole cup weighs heavy in your hand, and in your stomach. Share if not a big eater.

I was disappointed that you eat the ice cream with a spoon. Given the cool form factor I thought you could just eat them with a fork.
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