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Bakery & Cakery B bojio July 17, 2012 3945
lovely cakes and breads
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Their cakes look very attractive and the price of a cake is reasonable. Their breads are ranked from first to tenth. The bakery that ranked first is Cheese cake, but if you are late, you can’t find them anymore. Strawberry steamed cake and strawberry moochi are the ones that I would recommend; they are in the top ten. Strawberry Steamed cake is dense and soft, while strawberry moochi is soft, filled with red bean paste.

One thing good about this bakery shop is that they will list the ingredients used on a little piece of paper which tells you about the bread. If some people are allergic to peanuts, maybe you will have to see carefully not to take bread that has a ‘tick’ in-front-of the word ‘peanut’. So as to prevent yourself from allergy reactions.
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