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Bakery & Cakery B bojio July 17, 2012 3953
Great bread!
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Yamazaki is one of my favourite bakeries to frequent as it isn't too expensive but still delivers in terms of quality. Their bread seems to be carefully handled and they seem to be able to steady the see-saw when it comes to the amount of grease in their bread really well. The end product is a nice balance that gives great satisfaction when eating their pastries.

The appealing smell that wafts from the bakery really coaxes you to take a peek in their store. More often than not, I find their shelves devoid of a good array of pastries. I wonder whether they don't have much variety or if this is the leftovers from the snatching between the earlier batch of customers.

I am especially fond of their Ham and Bacon bun. The oil is drizzled perfectly on the bun and it really fulfills that "cooked food" craving I always have which I can't satisfy with a proper meal since I'm in a rush. They sometimes don't sell it and I always get disappointed whenever I drop by their shop and don't see it on the shelves.
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