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Bakery & Cakery B bojio July 17, 2012 3952
yummy pastries in a somewhat sounds-classy-but-not-that-classy-bakery
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Yes, I definitely adore those small little cakes and pastries! Singapore might have many bakeries around but it is hard to find one that I really like. To be honest, I have never heard of Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude until one day while i was shopping in jcube! Wow the aroma was simply heavenly, maybe it was due to a day of shopping and i was starting to feel a little hungry, but the aroma from the bakery is seriously no kick! Freshly-baked bread.pastries are on display and I could not help but to take a tray and start choosing them.

Looking at the name of the bakery, i thought that the cakes/pastries/bread would be pricey as the name gives such a classy feeling. But well, I was wrong. The prices are rather reasonable, given that the ingredients used are really fresh. Only fresh ingredients would exude a particular aroma when a pastry/bread is baked.

Being a fan of cakes, of course, I would not miss out the chance to check out their cakes and to my expectation, their cakes look really awesome. I mean, like each slice is quite generous and again, at a reasonable price. Their chocolate fudge cake caught my attention as the strawberry on each slice is pretty huge, larger than the usual kinds in other bakeries. And it also tasted marvelously great! The sweet-sourness from the strawberry complemented well with the ultra thick chocolate fudge, and i LOVE it!

So if you are looking for pastries/breads/cakes of a reasonable price in a somewhat sounds-classy-but-not-that-classy-bakery, do drop by and you will not regret with your purchases. As i did not.
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