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Bakery & Cakery B bojio July 17, 2012 3899
An inexpensive alternative to Breadtalk
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One of the better, inexpensive alternatives to the overrated, over-frequented, over-expanded BreadTalk.

I recommend their mini mochi breads, which are delightfully chewy, and not leathery as some might expect on first glance. While it wasn't oozing cheese, it certainly tasted of cheese, as if cheese were baked into the bread itself. I, however, didn't appreciate the strawberry-flavoured mochi breads which were stuffed with red bean paste, which I detest.

Be sure also to try their coffee buns, which are crisp, airy, and aromatic. Their croissants are good too, flaky, crisp, and full of rich, buttery flavour. Many bread chains, including Bread Talk, sell terrible croissants that are usually totally bland, such that I could barely detect any hint of butter. But they apparently don't scrimp on butter at Yamazaki, and that's important for making good croissants.

I personally love their belgian waffles too which, unlike the typical waffle served at ice cream places, are dense and sugary.

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