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Awesome Cupcakes!
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It was my friend's 18th Birthday so we wanted to surprise her with something special and unique. Everyone expects a cake for their birthday which is a little dull so we came up with the genius idea of getting cupcakes for her birthday. Since she was turning 18, needless to say we decided to get her 18 cupcakes!

My friend has quite a big family so we let her bring home two boxes(each box has half a dozen) while we ate the remaining box. I picked up the earl grey flavoured cupcake and it tasted fantastic! You could taste the earl grey in the icing and fused with the cupcake, it was awesome! For those who are tea fanatics like me, it is a must try! But what I heard is that the earl grey flavoured one is only served on Thursdays so keep that in mind!

I love the design of the cupcake, it's simple and classy at the same time. The idea of having unique flavours only available on each day of the week makes it unique and tempting as if you want to try the specific flavours, you could only purchase it on a specific day.

I can't wait to try their green tea cupcake!

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So many flavours to choose from!
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Bugis Junction
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May 15, 2013
I think their cupcakes are over-rated and over-priced. Yes, they are good but nothing to rave about. Can't understand all the over zealous ratings for this one.
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