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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 1516
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The Icing Room sells a lot of cute and pretty looking pastries and sweets such as macarons so the place has a very dolly-feel to it. The fun part about it is that they have a DIY cake decorating station where you can buy a plain cake with white frosting and decorate it according to your liking!

It is not all sugar and cherries on top though, because you need to purchase the additional toppings on top of the already expensive plain cake so the total bill can come up to quite a bit. It is also not easy to control the icing if you have not done it before so your cake may not turn out to be as nice as you hoped! However I’m sure the receiver will feel the sincerity nonetheless.
The taste of the cake is very ordinary, it has a yellow sponge between the layers of cream which I think is probably butter with a bit of lemon. It does not taste horrible but it is just not fantastic. I guess the only special thing about it is the self-made decoration on top of it.

Each mooncake festival, they also have rabbit shaped mooncakes that are awfully adorable. Despite how much I could not bear to eat them, I did try a few. The skin is rather thin for snowskin so would not be suitable for those who like eating mooncake for its snowskin. The filling is nice though, and it is worth it just for the rabbit shape alone.

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Rabbit shaped Mooncakes
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