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Creative plus cake!
(Updated: September 27, 2012)
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As everyone loves to make DIY cards, DIY presents, how about a DIY cake for your love ones too? Icing Room provide you the playground to decorate your own cake. The cakes and icing cream and icing sweets are provided to you when you made a purchase for the 4", 6" and 8" cake which comes in two flavours which are vanilla and blackforest.

Personally, I like the idea of decorating my own cake because I have the freedom of writing and drawing whatever I want. However, when you do it for the first time, I recommend that you had an idea in mind of what you would like to design. Because once the icing cream touches the cake, there is no way you can erase it. And also you cannot take too long to decorate the cake as the icing would melt into a more diluted form which would mess up your cake decorations. Practice makes perfect, its the joy of designing the cake together with your love or your kids together and enjoying the cake together.

And their cake are very soft and spongy! The fruits that they used in the cake are fresh and they even have grapes in the cake! It's definitely worth your money to satisfy your taste buds and your creativity!

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