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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 1522
nice girly concept, mediocre cakes
(Updated: July 21, 2012)
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The Icing Room is probably a familiar name to many of those who have been there to decorate plain cream cakes. This bakery allows you to buy plain cream cakes and decorate it yourself. A cake stand is provided along with piping tools and cute edible ornaments. It adds a nice personal touch to the cake as compared to commercialized ones in other bakeries. That's the only plus point I have to say about this bakery.

The cream cake is really loaded with cream. Way too creamy, the sponge is almost soaked with cream, if that makes sense. I'm really not a fan of the cakes. Look past the cute and sincere decorations, the cake is really not worth wasting your precious calories for! The main ready-made cakes are also so-so. As a girl, I am obviously suckered into the pink and princess looking packaging but these cakes and baked good are not up to standard. I would give a 10 for presentation and maybe half of 10 for the actual taste. If you are not fussy with your cakes, this place should be okay. Otherwise, I would recommend other places such as Antoinette!

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