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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 1522
Not worth it
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This is a shop that sells a concept rather than the quality of a product. The appealing factor of Icing Room is that it provides customers an opportunity to enjoy the experience of designing their own cake. While it is fun especially if you do it with someone else, the materials provided to design the cake are very limited. I also don't think they help in making the cake look any more appealing. The cakes only come in two flavours and are slightly pricey.

You need to have pretty good artistic skills to make the cake look presentable as the tools provided are not easy to handle and can get a bit messy. The staff also do not take any initiative in helping with the design process. I do suppose they would help if asked, though.

The taste of the cake is nothing special at all. It could even be one of the worst cakes I've ever tasted. There is nothing special nor unique about it. All these are the reasons why I feel Icing Room is all about selling a concept that appeals to people who wish to have a taste of how it feels like creating a cake, rather than selling good tasting, visually appealing and high quality products.

If they were to offer better tasting cakes coupled with easy to use and visually appealing cake decorative tools, I think it can provide a better experience for customers.

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