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Bakery & Cakery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 1516
ordinary tasting, but the process of decorating the cake is fun
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Selling a range of beautifully decorated cakes, muffins and desserts, The Icing Room welcomes people to customize their own on plain cakes as well. The filling of the cakes is available in vanilla and blackforest flavors.

This customized cake makes it fun getting a cake for somebody, since the process of decorating it is enjoyable. My friends and I decided to get one for another in the group, and as we did not know of any other cakes to get for the birthday boy, we decided that this would be it. We chose the vanilla flavoured plain cake, and all six of us girls had a great time drawing whatever we wanted on it. We had rather low expectations on how the cake will eventually turn out, but it was surprisingly pretty. The taste of the cake was also acceptable, just like any ordinary cream cake. I guess it is the fun that all of us had together while decorating the cake and the surprise the person receiving this customized cake got that makes the time and effort worthwhile.

Price aside, the cake from The Icing Room will be something interesting to get for someone on a special occasion.
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