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Pricey but provides you interactive fun with friends
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I believe The Icing Room is one of the widely chosen places for creative people to DIY birthday cakes for their friends and family members.
Personally, I find that their prices are a little steep, but will be worth it if you are one that is looking at some interactive fun with friends to design an "one and only" cake..

My friend and I tried out their service last year, as part of a birthday preparation for a dear friend of ours. Well, we got the smallest size cake (that cost us less than $13) and we tried our best to "squeeze" in our decorations.
Honestly, it wasn't as easy as it seemed! We tried hard in controlling our trembling hands as any wrong move will result in a terrible mess. (We did mess up once and my friend had to pick those "wrong" pieces out using toothpick bit by bit!)
(How is it that some others are able to create such a professional-looking cake?!)

Nonetheless, we still had fun DIY-ing the cake. It gives a personal touch to it as our "final product" is a feature of our efforts. Even though it was quite an, erm, ugly decoration, but its the thought that counts!

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