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H February 14, 2013
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Roti Boy

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No longer available in Singapore.

Roti Boy exploded with popularity in Malaysia originally. Then, they distributed several outlets here in Singapore. It was an ordinary looking bread that looks like a ginormous bun with extraordinary ingredients contained within. It was certainly the bread that worked it's magic to fame. There is no longer any outlets available in Singapore. Roti Boy ceased from existence in Singapore.


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A familiar logo and an iconic smell
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Rotiboy is so easy to locate once you’re within a ten-metre radius. The fragrant smell of coffee and baking bread wafts into my nostrils, and the next thing I do would be to turn to my mum and say, “You want to buy hor?”

My entire family loves Rotiboy’s coffee buns, a passion that didn’t quite get passed down to me. Whenever we passed by a stall at either Johor Bahru or Penang, my mum would go out of control and buy a crazy number, like ten buns, at one go. I’d inevitably have to have one for breakfast, and while it is tasty - sweet, crispy and fluffy - I wasn’t too crazy over it. I did understand the hype, but I just wasn’t that into it.

Something I really like about Rotiboy would just be its nostalgic, familiar smell. It’s sad that there aren’t anymore outlets in Singapore, and sometimes I actually find myself anticipating coffee buns on the table whenever my mum returns from a JB shopping trip.

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I miss RotiBoy
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I regret that RotiBoy ceased its existence in Singapore. During its heydays, long queues would form just to catch fresh RotiBoys out of the oven.

I remember loving just to sit outside the Toa Payoh outlet, enjoying the aroma of coffee and butter coming out from the baking RotiBoys. I remembered them costing about $1.50 and I could easily finish 4 with a hot cup of coffee for tea.

Fond memories.

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