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Bakery & Cakery A audrey-oh May 20, 2012 2623
Treat for the eyes!
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I always do that when i pass by any rive gauche outlet, their cakes and sweets are too pretty to not look at.Coming in a kaleidoscope of bright colours, the cakes indeed taste as good as they look.

My mum, knowing im a HUGE fan of green tea items, she bought me the green tea roll. Outside was a green tea swiss roll cake rolled with dollop of white cream and red bean paste. While i thought the green tea went well with the cream and the red bean paste, after a few mouthfuls, the cream kinda became too cloying for me. I couldn't take a bite more. One great thing was that even being the refrigerated, the cream didn't become gross and hard and disgusting like some other places. Which is definitely a plus point.

Looking forward for more delicious sweets from them.
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