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Bakery & Cakery A audrey-oh May 20, 2012 2623
I love the Guanaja!
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I accompanied my friend to get a couple of cakes from Rive Gauche; well, initially I have never heard of this shop. When I went in, the lady over the counter welcomed us with a smile and asked us if there is anything she could help. Apparently, I didn't intend to get any cake from that shop, only my friend did. She told me to try the Guanaja cake which is the shop's signature cake. Initially, I was amused by the name of the cake and doubting the flavour and the quality of the cake. 

So, we ordered a slice of Guanaja cake and by the way, you could order the whole piece of that cake at a cheaper price. Basically, Guanaja is like the combination of hazelnut and chocolate cake. The layers have soft texture and crunchy base. The chocolate cream is not too sweet. Actually I was thinking if that the Guanaja goes better with sugar icing, maybe it's the best for the sweet tooth. But overall, I love the Guanaja. 

Actually I also spotted the pretty mango cake at the counter but never get to try it because I was pretty full from eating the Guanaja. But overall, it's like mangoes on top of the creamy and spongy vanilla cake. When I visit this hop again, I will definitely try the mango cake. 

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