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Bakery & Cakery A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 1238
Best Wassants in Singapore
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Provence Bakery is a Japanese-style bakery selling top quality breads and pastries. They’re famous for their wassants, and although there are several bakeries who have tried to replicate their sweet rolls, Provence’s wassants are still unbeatable.

Provonce’s wassants are small crescent-shaped rolls that come in 3 flavors: Custard, Chocolate and Kaya. These sweet rolls are buttery, fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth tender, with the fragrant kaya wassant being my personal favorite. Their wassants are restocked several times through out the day so if you’re lucky enough, you can get your hands on some warm, freshly baked wassants. I’m a fan of their other buns and bread as well, particularly their Choco Bun, which is filled with smooth, luscious chocolate custard.

Provence has a few small shops scattered around the country, but their main store in Holland Village remains my favorite. The café upstairs is a hidden gem of a study spot, so if there’s no space at the HV Starbucks, you can head over to Provonce to get some work done.
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