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A place which totally changed my view on cupcakes
(Updated: September 16, 2012)
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Plain Vanilla is a gem hidden amongst plenty of good restaurants at Holland Village.
It is a Bakery selling lovely, rich, simply delightful cupcakes that warms your soul after taking a bite of your first. You’ll want to read more.

I stumbled upon this wonderful cupcake place when my friend and I were walking around Holland village after our very filling lunch at ‘Everything with Fries’ (also another great place but to dine in). We already had dessert, but when we saw a blackboard sign that had “Fresh cupcakes from the oven upstairs!” we simply couldn’t resist and had to go up the stairs to have a peep at these cupcakes.

Plain Vanilla was tucked cosily into the corner of the above shop, co-shared by a hair salon next door. It definitely wasn’t a place where you could sit down and have tea and a cupcake. We frowned a little at this but went in anyway... Boy, were we glad we did!

The sight that greeted us was delicious. Red Velvets, Chocolate banana, Strawberry white cream, Sugared Cinnamon, and a few other cupcakes were lined up in rows looking perfectly mouth-watering behind a glass display. They were gorgeous. We were immediately greeted warmly by the owner, whom later we found out was Vanessa, and we immediately bought our very first cupcake from her to try on the spot. We chose the chocolate hazelnut. The cupcake, on the first bite, was moist and rich and decadent, something that a chocolate baked product definitely should be, but not overpowering, that the hazelnut flavour actually came through. The icing was not at all too sweet (something that I’ve always found trouble with when I’ve tried other cupcakes in the past) and the cupcake really tasted as amazing as the smell wafting out Plain Vanilla’s oven.

After which we tasted the marvellous chocolate hazelnut cupcake, Vanessa generously offered us a cinnamon brown sugar cupcake just for us to try, which we were certainly delighted by.. and of course, it was really good too.

This first visit was the first of many to come and i frequently go to Plain Vanilla to get my cupcake cravings satisfied and also to say hi to Vanessa. Right now they've become so popular, even popping by before evening sometimes, the shop has only afew cupcakes left! (this is not an exaggeration as their twitter account usually tweets the number of cupcakes they have left in the store so that people wouldn't have to make a wasted trip down)

Now they've introduced new flavours such as Salted Caramel, occasionally Chocolate Stout and they used to have a Lemon Coconut cupcake which was such a huge hit with my mum. Vanessa also sometimes bake extra goodies on sale, like Earl Grey cake loafs, or warm chocolate-y brownies. I have never gotten the chance to try those because once they're on sale, they're off the racks like hot cakes (pun intended).

Plain Vanilla also offers personalized cupcakes for birthdays/baby showers/weddings and such. They beautifully decorate their cupcakes and are very accommodating. Their Facebook page says it all. This is a must-try if you're a cupcake lover. If you're not, try them anyway. You might just turn into one!

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Milk Chocolate Banana Cupcake
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34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore
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